Thursday, September 17, 2015

Aston's Construction 3rd Birthday Party

In honor of my baby boy's 4th birthday today, here is Aston's 3rd Birthday Party!

Last year almost everything Aston did or talked about were "Big Scoops!" All things heavy machinery and constructions! So when coming up with a plan and theme for his 3rd birthday, it was easy to decide.

We have really started to simplify our parties and although they look like a lot of work, they really aren't too bad. It just takes a little bit of effort.

Aston's birthday happened to fall on the HOTTEST weekend we had all year. It topped out at 115 degree's right before the party so some of the plans changed. The whole party was supposed to take place outside, but due to the heat and not much shade at our new house, we made some adjustments.

The Decorations:

-We used a roll of caution tape to decorate the door, our patio, the gates and fences around our house. Our patio ended up being where the majority of our party took place because it was the only shade outside.
-The idea for the extension cord wreath on the door in the pictures above came from here. I will say that this was a frustrating project and that it took a good amount of time and patience.
- I used my Silhouette to cut out the road signs. They turned out great!
-We used brown, yellow and orange balloons.
-Our party favors (and decoration) were construction hats and tool boxes (from the dollar store) with their names on them. Inside the tool box were paint brushes for our painting activity.
-We also had a friend who has a heavy machine operation company who dropped off his "Baby Scoop" for us to have a decoration and a fun place for the kids to sit in. Aston was very excited about this!
-We then decorated with the rest of the activities we were going to be doing.

The Food:

We plan our parties in the afternoon before dinner so that we can have a snacks and cake party instead of feeding everyone a meal. This keeps cost down and makes the party more about the activities then the food.
-For drinks, we used these big igloo coolers for water and lemonade. We of course had to do orange cups to go with them :)
-We served chips and salsa, Reese Pieces (they are orange, yellow and brown), orange cheese balls and a veggie tray served out of a tool box.
-And Aston's Construction Cake. You can find a tutorial here.

The Activities:

-We had our sand and water table filled with sand and scoops.
 -Our new house had lots of dirt, so we set out buckets, shovels and wheelbarrows for the kids to dig to their hearts content!
-We gave tractor rides on our riding lawn mower. The kids had a blast!

-Our last activity was to paint the cardboard house that Maxwell built for the party. The kids LOVED this activity and spent a lot of time on it!
 Although the heat was BAD, we had a great time celebrating our boy!

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