Narwhal Garden's

Narwhal Garden's is a long time dream come true! My husband Maxwell was raised by a man who loves his garden! My father-in-law Bob is an outdoorsman. Since I started dating Max, every time I went up to his house, Bob would be out "puttering" in his gardens.

This love for gardening slowly seeped into my husband who has now taken the whole gardening business to a new level. When we lived in our old house, Max decided to build a garden for my mom...that garden never became my mom's :) Max took it over and began his "testing" of a variety of tomatoes. Research began to set in and a huge new hobby was born for my sweet husband.

Fast-forward to April 2014. We were not in the market for a new house but a home/property that we passed every day came up on the market. The property had two houses on it, the sign read "2 in 1." We had been living with my mom in my childhood home for about 4 years and while it worked, things were starting to get a bit tight. I called up my mom with all the details (even details of how much our current house was selling for) and the hunt began. This house that started the whole thing was a "coming soon" listing and wasn't ready for viewing yet. Our relator started showing us other pieces of property that had 2 homes or a larger home that we could all fit in. Most of them had large spaces of land and one had about 20 fruit trees started in the yard. This sprouted an idea in Maxwell's mind-an orchard. We almost bought that house but God led us to the "coming soon" house just at the right time and it was prefect!

As we went through the whole hubbub of buying and selling a house (with 2 kids under 3!) Yuck! Maxwell began research into fruit trees. He gathered tons of information, watched tons for You Tube videos and the plans began to take root. Along with those plans were plans of big garden boxes to grow all kinds of veggies and the dream of my mom to have her own chickens. Below, we will be sharing all about the makings of Narwhal Garden's and Cluckingham Palace. We will also be sharing gardening how to's and the sources Max has been using. We hope you will join us on this adventure! We look forward to seeing what God does with it and the blessing that come from it.

Narwhal Garden's name: Much like "Bearcub Creations," Narwhal Garden's name began as a joke. Maxwell's favorite animal is a Narwhal (Why I do not know ;-)) One day as I was posting a picture on Instagram, as a joke I created the hashtag #narwhalgardens. Max thought it was funny but awesome in its own right and the name stuck!

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