Friday, September 18, 2015

Construction Birthday Cake

One of the things Aston always remembers about his birthday parties are his cakes. I love the tradition of making him (and Leia) a special cake or dessert for their birthdays. It's just a tradition I wanted to create for them. So when we decided to do a Construction Birthday theme, I went on a search for cakes to match. My inspiration came from here, here and here

I started with two Pillsbury Chocolate Cake mixes and frosting and baked it in a large sheet pan. Once it was cool, I laid in on a foil-wrapped sheet of cardboard to use as the base for the cake.
I then proceeded to frost the cake, making sure to cover the whole thing but not know it's supposed to be dirt! 
Once I was finished frosting the cake, I grabbed the two trucks I had planned to use and literally drove them into the cake, scooping the cake with it. I then pulled the "mess" back a little to mess it up some more and then shoved it back into the areas on the cake. I used a spoon to help me carry the mess further onto the cake. I then sprinkled the mess with marshmallows and candy rocks to look like rocks :) (Who says mommy's can't have fun making cakes ;-))
Once that was finished, I thought the cake needed something down the middle so I decided to make a road. 
Using chocolate jimmies, I poured a road in a curve through the cake. I then used clean tweezers yellow jimmies from a colored jimmy mix to make the dash lines in the road.

 My boy thought it was a pretty awesome cake! He still talks about it a year later :)
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