Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Becoming Narwhal Gardens: A yard update part 2

If you haven't see the progress of our yard yet, start first with this post and this post.

After a few very busy month with little work done in the yard, work began big time the week after Christmas. It was one of the coldest weeks of the year (for us San Diegians) but Max had taken time off of work so he and Aston bundled up to get things done! This is what the backyard looked like as of Christmas.
Soon to be location of the garden boxes.
Soon to be location of the orchard.
Soon the be location of trees and the pumpkin patch.
Soon to be location of the pumpkin patch and that huge barrel is our well.
Soon the be Chicken Coop aka Cluckingham Palace!
Monday, Decemeber 29th, Maxwell rented a "big scoop" as Aston says. It was delivered and work began on the land that would soon become the orchard and pumpkin patch. If you remember before, the yard prior to us buying it was used as a contractors parking lot and storage site so the ground was very hard a punched down. It was going to be very difficult for Maxwell to dig in to get the soil ready so this was the best option to get what he needed done in a short amount of time!

Little Boy Heaven!!
The work on the dirt got done so quickly due to "the scope" that Maxwell as also able to cut down the 4 half-dead, termite filled trees at the back of the property. He used the excavator to help him knock it down.
 Aston had a blast watching daddy cut down the trees and loved wearing the helmet and gear that came with the chainsaw.
These are the after pictures of when the trees were mostly cleared out of the dirt all dug up and ready.
One of Maxwell's co-workers has an uncle who owns a tree trimming company. So the week after all the backyard was prepped, Perpetual Tree Care, Inc came out and cut down all of the chinaberry tree's in the front and side of our house. These are the messiest trees and the berries that fall from them are very poisons. With little kids around all the time, we found it important to take them out. We have big plans to replace them and are excited for that phase of the yard.

Before and After Pictures

Cleaning up the mess from under the tree's. Everyone has to pitch in at this house!

Can you spot Aston watching the tree guys dump mulch and mulch up our wood pile?

Part 3 will be up soon! We are still waiting on some of our fruit tree's to arrive so that post will be up once those trees are in. There is also a lot of work going on in Cluckingham Palace so I'll be sharing that too!
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