Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Becoming Narwhal Gardens: A yard update part 1

We have been doing a ton of work in our yard since my last post way back in August. So be prepared this will be a long one because a lot has happened!!

This is what the yard looked like back in September.
 When we purchased the property, there were two slabs of concrete in place where two sheds used to be. We decided that those locations would be great for our new shed and chicken coop but they needed to be expanded to fit the size of the new buildings. Maxwell and my father-in-law, Bob, went to work to get things expanded. They used a very old cement mixer that Bob inherited from an old neighbor. It works great!

On the same day the concrete work happened, Max and his dad cut down the big light post behind the second pad because it was going to be in the way.
We also discovered in October that one of Maxwell's co-workers has an uncle who owns a tree trimming business. He always needs a place to dump the mulch and we have lots of dirt to cover so we started to receive loads of it. Mulch mountains are very fun for little boys to play on!
On October 18th, we hired some of the grounds guys from Max's work to help us dig the ditches for the irrigation and electrical that needed to go in.

On that same day, we had the shed and chicken coop built. It was a busy work day in the yard!
This is the back side of the chicken coop.
The following week, one of Maxwell's co workers came to help us install the irrigation. (It sure is great to work for the Operations Department of a large church because there are lots of people with lots of skills on staff!)
This will be the location of the garden boxes.
Now here is a dump of progress pictures!

The shed in the back of the yard.

Before Paint

After Paint

Back side of chicken coop and location of the pumpkin patch.
Front of the chicken coop.
Oh little boys love to play in mud!!
Part two will be up later this week. Now off to mow the grass!

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