Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Yard...the Beginning

Our new yard has gone through quite a transformation in the last month since we bought the house. While there are years of work and LOTS of plans in mind, we are excited about how much progress has happened in such a short time period. I want to keep a record of the progress over time. Here is Part 1 of many, many to come.

These top 3 pictures are from the real-estate listing when we were buying it. We have 1/3 an acre of grass. The back third of the lot is dirt. The previous owner was a contractor, who stored all of this stuff for his business in the back third. There was tons of junk back there that we asked them to clear before we bought it. They left some stuff that we've had to take care of but it's a huge difference.
 These are pictures from the week after we moved in and the day we were having our new fence installed. We had a short chain link fence on one side of the property and an older wood slatted fence on the other. Our dogs were able to get through the fencing so we needed to secure the property and we wanted a bit more privacy then we had.
There was a large portion of gravel in the back lefthand corner of the property that we did not want. We were worried about how much it would cost to get rid of it and our next door neighbor took it off our hands for free! Such a blessing!

The fence after. We also had someone grade the dirt and move the gravel and asphalt off the land the same day our fence went in. This is the flat dirt ready to be use and planted on.
This week we were able to take care of all the remaining trash that was left in the yard. We have a blank slate to work with.
The difference in the yard is huge and my husband, Maxwell cannot wait to get out there and start digging and getting plans ready for this area. I hope you will join us for the journey.

What do you think we plan to do in this back area? Any ideas?

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