Thursday, October 30, 2014

House Update: Fall Entry Way

One of the things I was most excited about when we were looking at houses was getting to set up and decorate an entry table. I have always loved the pop of decoration when you walk into someone's home. Well when we bought this house, I was excited because there was a perfect little entry way area when you walked in the front door.

Once we painted the wall, I found this table and liked the look. Now I will say that I wouldn't recommend the table to anyone. It was a pain to put together (after putting together Ikea stuff which is a breeze compared) and the instructions were awful! Also, I'm concerned about how well it will hold up. I don't plan to be hard on it but it's just not the best quality product (lessons you learn when buying something online.)
 I just love sunflowers this time of year! They are so happy and just make me smile! Also do you see Maxwell's touch added in? Can you tell he's ready for hockey season?
 I created this subway art a few years ago and just add in new things we will be doing that year. It kind of serves as our bucket list for the fall as well.
 We originally filled this basket with apples from our Apple Picking Day but those are now gone and have been replaced with pumpkins.
What fall decor do you have out right now? Are you going to make any transitions to your decorations as we head into November? 
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