Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Worship Wednesday: Truth in the Tinsel

For today's Worship Wednesday, I'm sharing about what I have planned to do with Aston to celebrate the Advent season. I am so excited about Christmas this year (well every year really) but this year, Aston will understand soooo much more and I am so excited to use this tool*. I purchased Truth in the Tinsel last year and we did a few of the crafts but with a very fussy new baby, I was overwhelmed with life so we didn't get to much. Also, last year Aston was 2 and the concepts were a little over his head. While we had some good conversations about baby Jesus, that was as far as his little brain could get. This year, with his love for his Jesus Storybook Bible and his new understanding and comprehension of Bible stories, we are excited to work on this together this year and teach him the reason for celebrating Christmas!

The ebook sells for $7.99 and has all the instructions and for each day's ornament craft as well as activities and Bible stories to go along with each. There is a supply list and then a supply list for each day. I have collected all the supplies for each day into zip top bags so and they are all ready to go so that all I have to do is pull them out each day and not scramble to get the materials when it's time. Yes this took some planning and a little prep time (about 1.5 hours total) but I think it will be great help for us each day. This is why I'm sharing about it now so that if you are interested, you too can get yourself prepared :)

Truth in the Tinsel also has a Facebook page where other moms share their ideas and how they modify the crafts for younger or older kids or how they change them up from year to year.

I hope this gives you an idea of something to do to make Christmas more intentional for your family. 56 days until Christmas!!! and 32 until Advent Sunday!
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