Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello Fall Front Porch with Fall Chalkboard's

As we slowly put our house together since moving-in in July, I've been trying to find places around the house that feel complete. It's coming slowly but when our pumpkins were ready to harvest from my father-in-law's garden (he grew them for us this year) I decided that decorating the front porch a little early would be fun.

In this set of pictures, you will see two versions that look similar but have a few changes. Can you spot them? The reason for the changes are that 1. I get bored and change things up often, especially with my chalkboard and 2. Aston's birthday party caused a temporary interruption in our front porch theme to follow his Construction Birthday Party theme (I'll blog about that soon). But now the porch is all ready for Fall until Leia's birthday at the end of the month :)

Fall Porch #1
 Fall Chalkboard #1
 Fall Front Porch #2
 Fall Chalkboard #2
 Then came our new number decal. You can see how I did that by following the link.

I am absolutely loving playing with my new house as we decorate for the holiday's! It is so fun and oh I wish I was a millionaire or you know had more money to play with because my ideas are grand ;-)
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