Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Front Door Makeover

I love the beginning of a new "holiday" or season because the blog world explodes with home tours to showcase what they've done to make their homes feel festive! I love the ideas that come from these post and get my mind going. I've always wanted to do one of my own, and maybe I'll actually get to in a few weeks but I'm slowly working on projects around the house and things are looking more fall like around here everyday!

Every room in our house doesn't feel complete. Everything is missing something and it's just taking some time to gather things and put items into place.
Anyways, last week I was over on Just a Girl and Her Blog and she was showcasing a Fall home tour by Migonis Home and the home tour included a brief picture of her front porch. Her front door caught my eye, so I went in search of more pictures of her porch and found this.
I fell in love the the number on the door and decided I wanted to do it on ours! I was nervous to paint on the door in case I didn't like it, so I got the idea to use my Silhouette and Vinyl to create the same look. I love how it turned out and also love that I can change it up if I wanted to some day. (Excuse the slightly crocked pictures. They are driving me crazy but I couldn't get them perfectly level so they will have to be imperfect :) )

Here is how I did it. Using my Silhouette Cameo, I created the image using JennifersFont. I "printed it" aka cut it using the Silhouette.
I then removed the outer pieces of vinyl so that all that was remaining was the numbers and letters for the door.
Next, I cut a piece of transfer vinyl to the size of the numbers and laid it on top, pressing down on the image to ensure that it would stick to the transfer vinyl. I then peeled the transfer vinyl away from the backing, taking the numbers and letters with it.
I used a wet rag to clean the door and then a towel to dry it. Then, finding the center on the door, I placed the image where it looked to be centered. Then rubbed the vinyl pieces to make sure they stuck to the door.
Finally, I slowly peeled the transfer vinyl from the door leaving the numbers and letters. The vinyl always needs to help staying where you want it because it likes to stay with the transfer vinyl, so I just helped it to stay put using my fingers.
When the image was in place, I used my finger to press the pieces down, rubbing them so that they would stick more solidly.
I love how it turned out, although I might change the font at another time of year but for fall, I like how rustic the font looks.

 Now someday, I'd love to paint this door a color! Someday.... But what color?
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