Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Simplified Planner

I'm soooo excited! Early this morning, my favorite planner that I've ever used went on sale! Today, Emily Ley released her Simplified Planner and I cannot wait for mine to arrive. I had my phone set and ready to go at 7am. You can click on the link above to see all the detailed pictures.

I have used this planner this year and it has been wonderful! I put our meals for the week in it, all our appointments for the whole family and do my to do list on it throughout the week.

This next year, I'm going to give her new Weekly Edition Simplified Planner a try. Our days are not very full and I don't have lots of meetings to schedule so I'm going to try this mode out. I think it will be nice to see our week all laid out together so I'm going to try it out. You can see a comparison about the two different types of planner here.

This planner so pretty and so sturdy. I love that it can get pushed around and not have to worry about anything happening to it!

I also love using all the printables in her free printable library. Everything is so clean and organized yet so special feeling. I just love it!

I am also excited to get my hands on her Home Base Binder. I bought it this morning with my planner and I cannot wait for it to arrive! As we head into the busiest time of year for us in this house, I love getting tools to help me stay grounded and feel like I can do it all.

I hope if you are in search of a planner that you go check this out. It is truly a wonderful tool!
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