Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bedroom Mirror Project

I'm so excited because our Master Bedroom is *almost* complete! We have one small thing to hang (that we have hung 3 times already and it will not stay put!) Confused? Our house is made of block walls and cement board inside and out. This is quite frustrating when it comes to hanging decorations and pictures because you need a hammer drill to get through the walls. The problem is that we don't have one (thankfully my father-in-law does) but it doesn't make things easy and the holes are very permanent so Maxwell isn't a huge fan of drilling in unless we are sure.

Anyways, we have decided to use Command products to help us however some things aren't sticking to well, so now we need a plan B. Anyways, long story short, here is a small portion of our bedroom and a project I did a few weeks ago.

I found this mirror at Home Goods in my search for something to hang over our bed. I loved the style of it but the color just didn't go with our walls.
So I brought it home, took the mirror out of the back and spray painted it black. Then I replaced the mirror and got ready to hang it over our bed.
Well our plans changed. The mirror is heavy and because the Command strips don't always stick, we decided to cover up some ugly plugs that are hung up high (previous owners had their TV hung here).  Instead of hanging it or hammering into the wall, I decided to sit it on top of our new dresser and lean it against the wall. This is one of my favorite areas in the room. It is where I put my makeup on in the morning and I just love the this little space.

 *Hopefully* I'll be able to share our whole master bedroom in the next two weeks! I can't wait to have at least one room in the house complete!!
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