Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July Birchbox

I got my July Birchbox in the mail on Saturday! I get so excited every month when it comes and have so much fun opening it and discovering what's inside. If you are into trying new beauty products and don't have the time to go out and search for new things, I would HIGHLY recommend that you subscribe. I have found some awesome products that work great for me from this little box!

This month, this is what came in my box:

Birchbox Bobby Pins:
I thought these were very cute however they are HARD to get in and out of my hair. I have thick hair and it took a lot of effort to get them in and out of my hair. They are very tight and don't bend well without stretching them too much. But they are super cute!

Kerastase Cleanse and Masque Hair Treatment:
This is a hydrating treatment for colored hair. It did leave my hair feeling soft however it didn't want to hold a curl or anything today. I know this can happen with deep conditioners but I have another one I use and love, so I won't be trading to this any time soon.

Model Co Party Proof Lipstick:
This stuff is AMAZING!!! I just wish a local store carried it so I could go try on some of there other colors. I received "Get Naked" in my box which is a very light nude color, not the color for me BUT it feels amazing! Super soft and hydrating and doesn't dry out your lips AND doesn't come off! I've stopped wearing lipstick since having Aston because it rubbed off on him and the typical lip stains were too drying. This stuff is amazing! I think I might have to purchase a color online and just go for it!

Purminerals CC Cream:
I have started to like using CC cream. I don't use any foundation as of now but as I'm getting a bit older, my skin is starting to get a little uneven. Not enough for a foundation but the CC creams have really worked well for me and don't look or feel heavy. This one however is too smelly for me. I'm very sensitive about smells on my face. So I'll have to go look for something else.

Benta Berry G-1 Moisturizer:
Not a fan. It was very sticky for my skin. I didn't like how it felt.

So this is what I received. I'd love to hear what you think of products I didn't get that you liked!

And again, if you have been thinking about doing Birchbox, I would highly recommend it!

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*I do not work for Birchbox or get anything from them. Just love the box!

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