Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My very First BirchBox!!!

Yesterday, as I was literally running out the door to go have dinner with friends, a little pink box came walking in the door with Aston who had just gone with grandma to get the mail. I was sooooo very bummed that I couldn't stop a play with it right then and there BUT it was a wonderfully fun thing to wake up to this morning.
The pink box was my very first BirchBox. I have been hearing about this for about a year now from one of my favorite hair and make-up bloggers, Kate at The Small Things Blog. It is a little box full of beauty products. Some times they through in some snacks or like this month, some tea into your box as well. Some of the products are full sized and some are trials which is really neat.
Something else that is fun is that it looks like everyone's box is a little bit different. When you sign up for Birchbox, you fill out a Profile that details your beauty information (hair type and color, skin type and color, your make-up style, etc.) This month, Birchbox partnered with Women's Health Magazine with a theme of tiny tweaks, Big Results!

SO based on what I listed and how the cards were played, this is what I got in my box. (By the way, I have tried all but one of the products from my box today!)
Nexxus Hydra-Light Leave-In Conditioning Foam. Now I'm not a huge fan of leave in conditioner because it leaves my hair heavy and greasy feeling but today is day two of curly hair, which means that it is frizzy, add in the cloudy cool moist weather today and I looked a bit like a puff ball, so I figured why not try it. I pumped 1/2 a pump into my hand, rubbed my hands together and then worked the conditioner into the tops of my hair and most of the frizz was gone! I am impressed! I'll try it tomorrow after I was my hair and see how it does then but for frizzy days, I'm sold!

Sumita Eye Shadow Pencil-Tej (Light purple color) I love to play with color on my eyes and have looked at these Shadow Pencils at the store before but have never purchased one. Today I tried it on my eyes and it worked pretty good. The pencil is fairly light and very shimmery but I like how it looks and I just added some smokiness to it with my MAC "Knightly" eyeshadow.

Supergoop! Advanced SPF 37 Anti-Aging Eye cream. Now I'm not a girl who puts a lot of product on my face every day...I probably should be doing more, but right now I'm a moisturizer and light make-up person. But I am all about sun protection and since I just passed another birthday, I guess I'm not getting younger :). So I put this on this morning and after it was rubbed in, I didn't feel like there was anything there. A huge plus for me! And since my eyes get the most trauma as far as make-up and rubbing goes, I figured I should give it a try.

Yes To Cucumber Facial Towelettes. This was the first product I wanted to try. I stopped eating my breakfast and went to a mirror to use it. These are an all natural product and are hypoallergenic. I love the smell of cucumber and the packet said "soothing" and in the morning, a cool and soothing something on my face sounded heavenly. It felt great and didn't leave to much residue on my face which can be a problem with other towelettes. I'm saving my other two samples for our trip to Disneyland next month because I'm sure there will come in handy. If I like them still, I will probably be buying them to add to my nighttime routine.

And last but not least, I got a Yes To Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub and Dark Spot correcting Serum Sample. I will probably try this tonight. My face has been a bit odd lately so I'm going to see how this works.

Well, I'm still super excited about this fun little box and seriously cannot wait to get my next one! I love surprises! If you want to get a $10 per month subscription yourself, go here to sign up!

I hope you enjoy your day and remember to take some time to pamper yourself, it's just makes you feel better.
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