Friday, February 1, 2013


This has been one crazy tiring week but it's close to the end! I've enjoyed most of it but my body is worn out!

Last Friday, I started to cut out hearts for my Valentine's day craft night that I'm hosting tonight! It's a good thing I started when I did because my Silhouette was working all week! 

My mother-in-law had a milestone birthday this weekend and I was incharge of putting the party together, with the help of my wonderful, sometime's pain int the butt ;-) husband. I made these cute and simple tissue paper balls. They turned out great! And so did the party! Happy Birthday Betty!
Saturday I made the cakes for the party with the help from this cute little boy! What a mess cooking with a toddler but it was so fun to watch him explore!
We made German Chocolate Cake and used A LOT of pecans and coconut!
This monstrous cake was calling my name! I wanted to dig in so badly! 
Monday was a low key, pj day because this mommy was tired after the weekend. We spent a lot of time reading that day too!
We did eventually get dressed and actually did a few chores. Aston helped me wash the windows!
This is our verse this week! If you haven't seen the tutorial on how to do it, check it out.
This was still Monday and Aston was still reading!
Strawberries are officially back in our stores and actually taste pretty good! I've been enjoying them this week!
Daddy worked A LOT this week! We missed him and are glad we've had two full days with him, yesterday and today.
Glitter! I love glitter!
I found this in the fridge the other day. Little boys in the house for sure!
Tonight is the night! Craft night decorating is underway! I can't wait!
Last night, we needed a little break from life and took a little trip to Old Town. We had so much fun running around and exploring and had a great relaxing dinner. I love going into the old fashion candy store there! It's so much fun! We were saying last night how nice it is to go down there and it really feels like we are on vacation, even if it's just for a few hours!
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  1. It's funny where you find Legos when you're a boy mama!
    Looking forward to seeing what you make tonight at your craft night!


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