Saturday, February 2, 2013

Craft Night #1

Last night I hosted my first craft night and it was so much fun! I had so much fun putting it all together, gathering ideas, buying supplies and making food for the night. I did have some reservations that everyone was going to enjoy themselves and find it valuable but all the emails and messages I've been getting from the wonderful ladies who joined me have put such a smile in my heart! I can't wait to start planning the next one!

For dinner we made pizza and a salad. We also made Chocolate-Pecan Pie Cupcakes for dessert. They were yummy! A big thank you to my mom for helping me with the food last night! I'll post both recipes on the blog this week. I also made rice crispy treats. Man do those go fast :-)

For the tables, I covered them with white butcher paper and lined the center with purple and white flowers.
At everyone's place, they had a bucket that held all the supplies they would need for the night. I got the cute little tags from Pick Your Plum a few weeks back. I just thought they were a cute little touch!
 I also made recipe cards for the recipes we made and had those at their place as well. Those turned out so cute! I was really happy with them!
Fun supplies!
We learned to make these bird nest necklaces. They all turned out so cute!
 We learned how to use jump rings and make a necklace from chain and all the pieces. It was a new skill for me and was fun to learn.
 We made Valentine's day garland...
We used these felt balls from The Felt Pod! They were so much fun to use! I need to buy more for next time!
I used them for some of our decorations for the night. I love how it looks!
We also made frosted glass vases or candle holders. This was mine and everyone's turned out so different and cute! So many fun ideas!
It was a great night of crafting and girl time!
Here are some pictures from some of the girls projects. Didn't everything turn out great?!

 Craft night was so much fun! I can't wait to do another one! I'll post more picture's as people send them to me. I was bad about getting after pictures of everyone's things. That is my goal for next time!
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  1. It looks like your first craft night was a huge success! I've always wanted to host one! Nice post and lovely party with so many projects to do!


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