Sunday, October 21, 2012

I love my New Picture Wall!

I'm addicted to Pinterest. So many people as me if I ever do anything I pin and the answer is YES! All the time! I love how the whole thing works; pinning things that you want to come back and do...So much fun!

Any who, I found this picture a few months back and loved it but wasn't sure how to do it and because we are on a tight budget, I wasn't sure when we could do it either.

 This is how ours turned out!

Then I found this post from Roost.. An amazing trick to hang pictures. This is how we did ours.

First, we did not buy frames that matched in a certain width or hight. We used what we had and what we found on sale over time. 

Then, we put the puzzle together on the floor making sure the tops and bottoms we all equal across.
Flip them over where they are and lay wax paper over the back side of the frames tapping the sheets together. Trace the edges of the frames and mark the place that you would put the nail. (Sorry the picture didn't turn out on that but this is what it should look like once it's hung.)

Hang the wax paper on the wall with tape or tac, making sure it is level and that the top edge of the frames are straight.

Then place nails on the spot that you marked as being the place on the wax paper.

Pull down the wax paper and begin to hang the frames on all the nails. It wasn't 100% perfect but we only had to move 3 nails once everything was hung.

The whole project took about an hour to do after pictures were in the frames. It was a wonderful, easy way to hang the pictures and we will use the method again because it worked so great!

 The finished product! Well almost finished...

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