Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sweet Potatoes

This is one of my son's most favorite foods. This week, we have started adding a little cinnamin to give his taste buds a little treat but to also get him used to more flavors. I would recommend waiting to add "spices" for a few month as you want baby to get used to the flavors you are giving them.

2 sweet potatoes or yams

Bake your sweet potatoes like you would for you. 400 Degrees for about 1 hour. Peal potatoes and place in a bowl (to use emulsification blender) or blender. Blend the mixture until smooth, adding water to make the mixture the consistency your baby can handle. Very liquid at first and adding less water as they get older.

Allow mixture to cool and place into your freezing container. Freeze over night and then pop out and place into ziplock bags.
To thaw: Pull out 1 hour prior to feeding or microwave for 20-45 seconds depending on size.

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