Friday, April 6, 2012

Alphabet Dates: A

Yesterday was the beginning of our Alphabet Dating adventure. We had seen this idea from a friend on Facebook and thought it would be fun to start...give us something to spice things up a bit. I started looking online for some ideas on various dates we could do. One website that has ideas is The Romantic Vineyard and another is $30 Date Nights.

I was in charge of A and here is what we did:

We decided to do an Afternoon date, following the A theme. Our first stop was for American Cuisine at the Burger Lounge...A really good burger place in Southern California. We went to the one in Little Italy, San Diego.

We then drove to Harbor Island where we parked on the San Diego Bay, directly across from the Airport and watched the planes take off as well as watched Aquatic vehicles aka boats glide through the bay. We saw a cruise ship come in and dreamt a bit about the various cruises and trips we would like to go on some day.

As we sat there, we started making plans for our most recent Adventure: Hawaii. We are going in May with my mom and Maxwell's parents and brothers. It should be fun and definatly an adventure with a 7 month old boy :). 

We really enjoyed this date and can't wait to do the next. The goal is to do one every 2 weeks but we'll see if that actually happens.

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