Monday, November 30, 2015

Family Pictures and an Announcement.....

Last week in the midst of our family having the worst stomach bug, we had family pictures schedule with the amazing Brianna Venzke Photography. She shoot our last family pictures a year and a half ago and I just loved them. She has moved twice since then but is a traveling photographer who comes back to Souther California often so when I heard she was heading this way, I made sure to schedule our session.
I just love how these turned out! And how well she captured our family.
 Our poor little lady felt so crummy the whole time and was just not her normal self.
But when she got to put on her princess Elsa dress she gave us a little glimpse of her normal self with daddy being silly :)

And announcing.....
We are thrilled to announce that Baby #3 will be joining us sometime in May. My due date is May 28th but this baby is already measuring a week ahead of schedule which is typical for my babies so we usually don't make it past 39 weeks. We will see what God has in store with this little one but we are all very excited!!

We waited to tell the kids we were expecting until we were taking pictures so that she could capture it. The week before Aston had mentioned that my stomach looked like it had a baby inside so we told him he was right.
Aston was so cute when it clicked. He looked at Brianna and said, "Mommy has a baby in her belly!!!!" It was the best!
Leia was very confused and tried to look for the baby :)
Showing them the ultrasound picture.
Leia was over taking pictures and we wanted to get a cute one of them holding the ultrasound picture. This is what we got.....Hilarious! Max calls this picture, "Game Over!"
This is really how Aston feels. He is so excited!!

All photos are by Brianna Venzke Photography. She's amazing! Go check her out!!
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