Monday, October 26, 2015

Summer Mantel

When the 4th of July festivities ended I was feeling the need to do a little something different. I'm a decorate before the holiday type person and then pretty close to the end of the actual holiday it "tear it down" time :) I know some are the opposite but I am an impatient anticipator so I like to sit in the holiday glory for a while before it occurs.
Anyways, I was feeling the need for something transitional from American to September so I went it a very fun summery look.
 As I typically do, I shopped my house and found Maxwell's old fan that my mom had refurbish for him. I thought it fit perfectly for the feel of our hot summer days....which are still here in October! I also remembered my Aidies Hideaway flower garland that I won at the Queen Bee Craft Night. It was the perfect thing to base my color inspiration from. I decided to pick turquoise, lime green, orange and yellow as my colors.

I then made the pinwheels from craft paper and paper straws I had around the house. I glued all the pieces down so they don't really spin but I thought they looked great for a summer fun mantel!

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