Wednesday, September 10, 2014

House Update: Aston's Room

It's been a little while since I've posted about the house and really I've never posted about the inside of the house yet. So I'm going to start with the first room that was on our project list.

Our moving day did not go as it was supposed to. We didn't have enough movers to take care of the move, so my painting crew(my dad and father-in-law) were sent over to help the movers out. It was an exhausting, overwhelming day but our number 1 priority was to get Aston's room set up and ready for when he got home from spending the day and night at my in-laws house. So after a very long cleaning and moving day, Maxwell and I grabbed the paint and started at it.
Previous Owners Picture
As you can see Aston's room was the brown/tan the rest of the house was/is with a pink wall. We knew we at least needed to get rid of the pink before he got home, so we painted that wall blue first. We used Glidden's ??????? We got the one wall painted by midnight that night and decided to hit it first thing in the morning. We got up bright and early and Max got to it. We painted the rest of the room with Behr's ??????
Before the move, Aston had been very into the Planes movie and all his Planes toys so we decided to go that route for the decorations. We got the bedding from Target, comforter and sheets, with the assumption that it would eventually change over time, so we didn't want to spend a large amount of money.
We purchased this Ikea Kallax unit to hold all of his clothes and some toys. I think we are going to put this one in Leia's room eventually and get Aston the bigger unit because he needs more storage.

As with all the rooms, they are works in progress and keep changing as well realize how we need things to function in the house and we still do not have pictures hung on any of the walls but that too will come. I'll hopefully have another update on his room before Christmas but we shall see which projects before priorities :)

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