Friday, February 7, 2014

No Longer Just Surviving...

Well hello little blog! I've missed you!

I finally feel like I'm getting a handle back on life! Praise God! I have been in survival mode for almost a year now and I am seeing the light now.
Pregnancy is hard on my body. I feel sick for the majority of the time, lack energy and just don't have motivation to do anything. Over the 38 weeks I was pregnant all the extra I had in me went to Aston and Max and even then, I didn't feel like they were getting all that they deserved!

As soon as Leia was delivered, I seriously felt like a new person. I had energy (even though we had sleepless nights) and felt like I could once again conquer the things I'd been missing. I was hugely blessed to have Max home with me for 3 1/2 weeks after she came and that made me spoiled!
Then reality hit. Max went back to work, Aston was sharing mommy all day and really jumping into the "terrible two's" title. Life as a mom of 2 kids is hard. Harder then I expected and different then I anticipated. Trying to be everything to two little people is EXHAUSTING and rewarding at the same time.
I have felt very alone in this new venture and felt like I was the only one who struggles with being the always on mom. After much prayer, a little break down and some very God ordained blogs and instagram feeds, I am more encouraged, feeling less alone and am determined to lean more heavily on God in this challenging time.

I'm working on making more "me" time, while that will be looking a bit different then it used to. I'm planning on reading more, getting more quiet time on my own (if both children nap at the same time) and focusing on what I am called to a mom.

This little blog will probably be changing a bit as I transition into a new place in my life. I will still post recipes and crafts but more importantly I'll be posting about life. I'll be writing more for me out of a journaling type experience in hopes that it can encourage someone else and just as a place to stop and gather my thoughts. Things will be looking a lot different then it has before but thats how life goes right? We grow, God changes us and we move on, following Him to more intensional ways to spend our days.

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