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Big Brother T-Shirt using Silhouette Heat Transfer

When we found out we were pregnant and all the early tests came back normal, we were excited to tell our families. We didn't want to excite everyone before we knew things were good because of our miscarriage history, so we waiting a little while.

We started to think of ways to share the news with our family. This time around, we had a little boy who could help us share the exciting news. We thought that putting a t-shirt on him and having him walk into a room would be fun, so I started searching for shirts online and in stores but nothing "knocked my socks off."
I then realized that I could make one myself with my Silhouette Cameo. I love how it turned out! And it was so easy!

Here's how I made it:
  1. Using my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, I made 3 circles that overlapped each other to get the perfect Mickey head. I then used the "Weld" Tool under Object > Modify > Weld to make it one big shape. 
  2. I then added a text box to write "Big Brother" in. I then colored the outside area black just to make sure I could see how it would look. The color doesn't do anything to the heat transfer material because you are just cutting the material. 
  3. Once I was happy with how it looked, I went to Object > Transform > Mirror Options. When the  Mirror Options come up on the right hand side, with your whole object selected, click flip Horizontally. 
4. Then you are ready to cut. Feed your heat transfer material, in the color of choice, into your machine without the cutting mat. Set your machine and program for Heat Transfer Smooth and cut.
 5. Once the material is cut, peel the outer, excess areas off the plastic to reveal the outside of the shape.
 6. Using the Hook tool, peel the inner area of the lettering out.
 7. You will be left with the object as it looked on your computer screen. Flip it over so that the shiny side of the plastic is showing and center onto the t-shirt.
 8. Press it down so that it sticks to the fabric to ensure that it won't slide around as you work. Meanwhile, heat up an iron to the cotton setting, about 300 degrees.
 9. Lay another piece of fabric over the design. No ink bled through but I used an old t-shirt just to be safe.
 10. Iron the area, holding the iron down in one place for a 45-60 seconds before moving it to the next area. I found that it took longer for it to stick then they tell you. You can try to peel one edge to see if it has stuck to the shirt, if not, go back and continue to iron it. It took me a little bit more time then the packaging said.
 11. Once the design has been ironed on, peel the clear transfer material from the design slowly as to make sure you get the whole design to stay put.
Then your shirt is finished! It washes wonderfully and has done well since. The lettering may peel after a lot of use but hasn't yet.

He has no idea what is coming his way but he sure likes his Mickey Mouse shirt.

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