Friday, February 15, 2013

InstaFriday 2/15

Well hello! Happy Friday! This week has seemed like two but not necessarily in a bad way. Anyways, here's what we've been up to. If you have instagram, follow me @bearcubcreations! 
 Last Friday, as I was working on pictures for the blog, my computer died. Grey Screen of DEATH! That's what my friend called it when I asked him for help. Those words were not comforting in any way. This computer has my life on it :)
Well not really but all my pictures and a lot of information. I was very scared and sad but there is good news...
Friday night, we had a little dance party to Louis Armstrong. It was the first time Aston had heard this music and he LOVES it!
I also received these beauties that I had purchased via Brickyard Buffalo. They helped to make me smile! I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet but for now, they just make my craft space even more colorful.

On Saturday morning, I took my computer into the Apple Store to see what they could do. The very nice Genius told me that my hard drive was dying and that I needed to get my stuff off ASAP. He told me that they may not be able to get it all. (I almost cried but held it together!) My wonderful mom was going to surprise me with a new computer for my birthday in April...well she was nice and gave it to me on Saturday instead. I was able to get a new computer AND they were able to get ALL of my data off my hard drive before it completely died! Woo Hoo!
While we were at the mall, we did a little shopping and my mom took me into this awesome new store. It's called C Wonder. The pricing on clothes is high but there little nicknack things are a good price and so so cute! It's is the perfect place to find a gift!
 I love spending time with this sweet boy! I have the best job ever!
 Every day after nap, he looks out at all the kids in the neighborhood and wishes he could play. Soon enough sweet boy!
 Aston have been in desperate need of shoes lately so when I went to Kohls to look for shoes for me and didn't find any, I decided to get some for him. Aren't they cute!
This week I did a little painting. I forget how much I enjoy painting! I need to do it more often!

Tuesday, we took a snow day! We traveled up to the mountains (with our air conditioning on) to go play in the snow. We had a blast! I just love family time! Aston loved eating the snow! He's so cute!

 We made progress this week, Aston did not eat the crayons when I pulled them out! It's been a few weeks and I thought we'd try it again and he did great! It was my first time ever coloring in a Batman coloring book. The mom of a boy who came from a family of girls!
 We never do anything big for Valentines Day. It is my mom's birthday so we are always celebrating with her but this year, I made Max breakfast as his last 14 day's of Valentines day gift. He's the breakfast guy, so I gave him a break for the day and made it for him!
 Then my father-in-law came over and Aston's Christmas Present (yes Christmas Present) is almost finished! More on that this week!
Yesterday, we took our little hippo to the park before his second nap. He could be outside all day!
 And we ended the day looking for monsters, I mean spiders, under the bed :) It's this the cutest picture?
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