Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Being Brave-WIWW

Ok, so I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and have decided to take the What I Wore Wednesday Challenge. I am not a huge fan of pictures of myself as I am SUPER critical of myself but I am sorta in a fashion rut and was finding myself wanted to stay in my workout clothes or PJ's all day. Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy started this weekly link party to inspire woman to get out of there lazy clothes and get dressed so that they felt good about themselves. I LOVE the idea and have found that if I know I'm going to have my picture take or I'm going to take my picture, I try a little bit harder.

As a stay at home mom, the only person who usually see's me during the day is Aston and Maxwell when he gets home but it really does help me to be more productive and in a better mood when I get dressed in something cute....FOR ME!

Those of you who know me know that I ALWAY do my hair and a little make up no matter what, I just have to! But the clothing thing is a different story.

So, I'm being brave and posting pictures for all to see. Que pit in my stomach :) Excuse the awkward smiles, I'll get the hang of it :)

Haha, I just realized I wore strips in every picture I took of myself. I've been in a strippy mood lately I guess :)

Top- Gap on Clearence
Jeans- Old Navy (old)
Shoes- Target I love them they are similar to Tom's but without the price tag and I think they look better on me. 

This was our day in the car driving to the snow outfit.
Shirt- Old Navy
Jean's- Gap (old)
Ugg Boots

Jean's- Old Navy (old)
Shirt- Old Navy (old)
Shoes- very old!
Well, as you can see, I haven't gone shopping in a while. I love shopping but when you are on a tight budget... 

I hope you have a great Wednesday!
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