Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simple Blanket Storage

Do you have a blanket in your living space that just never has a place? I did and I tried folding it and hanging it over the back of our couch but it still was just in the way. We are living with my mom and are utilizing every bit of space we can, so we had to get creative!

My wonderfully, creative hubby came up with this idea. Why not install a towel rack to the side of our entertainment center? You could add these to the wall as well but we just don't have any more wall space. This is working like a gem and I love that I can put the blanket away when I'm ready!

The great thing is that we could easily add more down the side of the unit to add more blankets and I just love that it's out of the way and I think it looks pretty good nicely hung up!
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