Sunday, December 30, 2012

On the 10th Day of Christmas

"Christmas Adam" 

So what's Christmas Adam? My friend Joy told me that her family calls the day before Christmas Eve Christmas Adam. I thought it was hilarious and fitting, so we now call it that :)

So Christmas Adam was on Sunday. Aston slept in which meant that we got to go to the morning church service. Shadow Mountain has an amazing choir and orchestra and Christmas Sunday is one of my favorite Sundays in terms of music. Hallelujah Chorus from Handles Messiah is one of my favorites! I had the privilege to sing it in high school and I just loved it then!

After church, Aston and I came home and he took at nap while my mom and I made cinnamon rolls for Maxwell's 11th day of Christmas gift. We then went to my grandparents house to set her table for Christmas Eve dinner and Aston decided not to take a nap that afternoon. He was all messed up.

That night was Christmas with my dad's house. We had a great time even though Aston didn't last super long.
 My dad's tree and presents just for our little family. Can you say spoiled!
Lets see what I can get into?

Max opened up his 10th day of Christmas gift: the Christmas Adam box. We are hoping that some day when Christmas Eve traditions change,
that we will be able to do this on Christmas Eve when we come home for a candle light service at church. But for now, we will do it on Christmas Adam night.

So what is a Christmas Adam Box? I got the idea here. In the box are new pajama's, a new Christmas movie, a few movie snacks, hot cocoa and tea and eventually, we'll add a few more fun things as kids get older. We already have a traditon to get new pajama's for to wear Christmas Eve, so that isn't new.

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