Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mickey Toes

Next week, my husband, son, mom and I are going to Disney World! We have never been. This has been a place I've wanted to go for a long time! Living in southern California, we went to Disneyland every year and it truly is my Happiest Place! I cannot wait to experience Disney World, especially seeing it through my son's eyes!

When we started to plan our trip, I started looking at Disney things on Pinterest and came across this Mickey toenail tutorial. I was getting ready to try it when this idea popped into my head. I regularly add  flowers to my toenails like they do when you get a pedicure. It makes me feel pampered to have one! Anyways, I figured it probably would be just ask easy and it was for the most part.

Here are the supplies you would need:

- Clear base coat
- Nail color (I used OPI's Color of          Minnie Red)
- White nail polish
- Nail Jewels

All of these tools you can buy at your local beauty supply and I've actually been seeing these things at Target too. The Jewels I use all the time and one container has lasted me 10 years and I'm still using it!

Mickey Toes!

1.  Paint your toenail as usual. I have been starting with a base coat lately and it's been helping my nails not to be so stained. Put a top coat on all your toes except your big toe.
2. Using your white nail polish, add a dot about half a centimeter in diameter. I dropped a dot of white nail polish on my toe, then used my dotting tool to spread it out some.
 3. Using a dotting tool or orange stick, pick up a jewel by getting the tip damp. Place the jewel where you would like it for your Mickey ears.
 4. After you have placed the jewels, let your white dot dry for about 15 minutes. The paint will smear if you pain a top coat over it too soon. Lesson learned!

 And there you go! Happy Mickey Toes!


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