Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Traditions: Nativity

This year we are starting a slightly new tradition. Since Maxwell and I have been married we have had a Nativity we put up, but like most Nativity's, they are breakable.

SO this year, we purchased this little kid friendly nativity. I have seen similar Fisher Price Nativity's over the years and always thought they were cute but never had a reason to purchase until this year.

We purchased this Little People Nativity Gift Set from the Fisher Price website. When we bought it in October, other stores didn't have them yet and we got a great price on them. Plus we loved the fact that it was all 3 sets.

They set is large and does take up more space then I was expecting but I love the fact that Aston can play to his hearts content and that we get to talk about the birth of Jesus every time we play with it.

I love this tradition and remember the Nativity that we had out when I was a kid and it is a great memory and tradition I hope my children pass on to their children.

Aston loved seeing all the new pieces are we unpacked the boxes.
He especially loves that when you press on Baby Jesus, he lights up and music starts.

Do you have a Nativity you put up every year?
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