Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shopping Adventures: Cool Things!

I have been an avid shopper for my almost 26 years thanks to my mom. She has been toting me around malls with her since I was born and I have grown up loving to shop. I love walking around a mall, walking through stores and looking at cool things that stores have to offer. I don't have to buy anything while there, I just love going. It's always a plus though when you find the perfect thing!

Today, my son was Hippo-napped by my in-laws and I got to go to the mall without him! My mom met me there and we got to walk around at our own pace without a stroller! Now Aston is a good shopper, and doesn't mind it too much but he only lasts so long.

Anyways, I was Hippoless and free to wonder! And I found some really cool things.

1. I found this really cool Minimergency Kit from Ms. and Mrs. When I got home, I looked them up and found that they have a ton of different "Kits" for all kinds of life events. This is such a cool gift! I would love to have a little bag and I mean little, fit's in the palm of your hand, in my purse for those oh crap moments. Such a great idea!
2. We also found this really cute make-up bag and travel bag from Apple and Bee. They are made with glittered fabric and I think they are just so cute! I think I'll be adding the Carry All Traveller to my Christmas list!

3. We then headed to H&M and found these cute bobby pins. They had gold ones and they also had metallic rose and grey ones as well. I have to buy both because they we $3 for each pack of 30. I can't wait to play with them!
I love finding cute, creative things while shopping. I love Shopping Adventures! Thank you to my in-laws for a surprise afternoon to enjoy myself and find some cute new things!

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