Tuesday, June 13, 2017

2017-2018 Homeschool Curriculum

Within the last year and a half, my husband and I have felt called to homeschool our children. We have a variety of reasons that brought this on but we are SO EXCITED about this new adventure God has us on and we can't wait to get started.

Over the next month, I hope to get our plans on here for anyone who is interested. I'm one of those crazy people who research a TON and have looked at so much so I thought I'd share what we are going to be using and how we are organizing. Also, I have started a YouTube channel where I've been kind of blogging lately so if you want to see more, check it out!

Alright onto the reason we are here:

2017-2018 Homeschool Curriculum

Morning Time-everyday

We will be doing a morning time routine where we will begin our day together doing our Bible Time,  Character studies and calendar time.
Ideally, we will begin this prior to Tiger Boy's nap so he can be apart of it.

To tell the kids it's time, we will be using The Unlikely Homeschoolers idea or a "call to worship." This is a song that will be played each morning to tell the kids it's time to begin and they will have the entirety of the song to get to our location with an attitude of worship.
  • Call to worship: 
  • MFW Bible: Using the Preschoolers Bible
  • Memory verses from the MFW Pre-K Curriculum and AWANA verses.
  • Hymn: we will be learning a new hymn each month that we will also be learning the story of using the book "Then Sing's My Soul."
  • Sing fun kid's Bible songs and preschool songs to go with the season
  • Calendar Time will be us going over what the day is, weather, temperature, etc.
  • This may also be a time where we read a picture book.


Science is the Hippo Boy's favorite subject so we will be doing this every day. We have chosen to use Sonlight Science A. It is an everyday program that uses lots of Usborne books that we own so it was a good choice for us. I'm hopeful this will be a good program.


We will be alternating History(Social Studies) and Geography every other day. 
  • Geography: Evan Moor Beginning Geography
  • Social Studies/History will be a variety of topics and unit studies we pull together. We will discuss Community Helpers, Native American's, National Holidays, US Presidents, and anything else we feel we'd like to use. If I have time, I'll post resources I use for these units.
Art- 1x a week
We have decided to go with HomeArt Studio for our curriculum. It's a video based program and I'm really looking forward to the kids learning art in this way. We will be using the Kindergarten, 1st Grade and Holiday Art's and Crafts DVD's which we purchased from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. We will also be using the Usborne Big Book of Colors and the Usborne Art Treasury. Both books are great and I explain how we will be using them in my video below.

Health and Wellness
In California, it is recommended that you teach health in some capacity. The topic is covered some in the My Father's World Pre-K Curriculum we are using for Leia and partially for Aston as whole group content however we are adding these two books to the mix throughout the year as it fits: Why do People Eat? and What Makes Us Ill? We will also talk about safety as well.

I created a video with all the details below! 

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be sure to review how the year went as things go. 

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