Tuesday, October 14, 2014

House Update: Master Bedroom

Our bedroom was one of the first rooms we focused on finishing and this weekend, we placed the last nail to hang the last thing on the wall! It feels so nice to have this space finished. It is my favorite room in the house and truly my escape from it all!

Here is what our room looked like when we bought it. It felt very cramped with all their huge furniture in it! It was also very brown! (Sorry for you brown lovers but it just isn't Max and I.)
You first got a glimpse into room with my Bedroom Mirror Project. This dresser holds my make-up and nail polish and is where I stand to put on my make up. I do need to add a lamp because the lighting isn't great on dark or cloudy mornings but that will come.
The dresser is the 6 drawer Hemnes dresser from Ikea. 
 I really love this little space to work out of each morning!
On the next wall sits our other new 8 drawer Hemnes dresser. We love both pieces and they provide us with so much storage! The picture hanging above is a print Maxwell purchased before we met and was my inspiration for our bedroom-our escape. Don't you just want to jump into the picture and sit on that beach?
The chair we had specially made to go into Aston's bedroom when he was a baby. He had a jungle themed room and the fabric fit in perfectly. We now get to keep it in our room and it fits in great! This is where I get to do my morning Bible study and wake up times. I love this spot!
These candles and candle sticks are from HomeGoods.
Across from this wall is our bed and focal wall. We painted the walls first, painting the grey walls with Glidden's Arctic Stone. We painted the turquoise wall with Glidden's Disney paint Sulley's Fur.  We aren't a fan of the durability of the Glidden paint as it has peeled off some of our walls when something sits against it for too long but we love the colors!
Our room gets lots of in direct natural light which is wonderful, except when taking pictures :)
The pillows are from HomeGoods and the mirror is from Target. The sconces and other decor are things we have had for about 6 years now.
 This truly is our place of retreat at the end of each long day and we just love how it all turned out and how much space we have in this room!!
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