Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Verse of the Week Chalkboard

Last week as I was pursing Pinterest, I saw this board and thought it would be a wonderful idea but didn't like the style of it and thought I could do it for a lot less money! We had a blank wall in our family room and I thought it would be great for that. I love this idea as it is such a great reminder of what our focus should be.

What you need:

Picture frame, our frame is 36" x 24"
Rubbing Alcohol
Cotton balls
Chalkboard paint
Sponge roller
Vinyl or paint

Once you have the picture frame you would like to use, remove the glass and place it on a painting surface. Wipe the glass with rubbing alcohol to prepare the glass surface.

Once dry, add your first coat of chalkboard paint. You will probably apply between 5-7 coats of paint to cover thoroughly waiting 1 hour in between coats.
Once your chalkboard is ready and dry, place back into picture frame and pick your font and design you want for your board.
I was super excited to try out my Silhouette for this project! I used CAC Champagen and Bergamont Ornamental for my board. I used my Silhouette to cut my vinyl, however you could paint on your wording or stencil it on if you don't have a di-cut machine.
When my vinyl was cut, I used the transfer material to transfer the lettering and shape onto the board. We chose our first verse of the week, wrote it on the board and hung it!

I absolutely LOVE this! Aston noticed it as soon as he was up from his nap. We said the verse and took the opportunity to talk to him about forgiveness. I often forget that babies are little sponges, so even though they may not understand all of what you say, we are affecting their hearts for eternity with everything we do!

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