Tuesday, December 11, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

Four years ago, Maxwell and I celebrated our first married Christmas together. I was in school finishing up my teaching crediential and had some time to think about gifts, I started to wonder if he was a ones big gift person or lots of little gifts? He told me he liked getting to open LOTS of little gifts, so the idea came to me. Why not get a gift everyday for 12 days leading up to Christmas.

I became so excited with the idea that I had to do it. Well as time has gone on, budgets have changed and our family has grown, so have our 12 Days of Christmas fun.

The first year was very "newlywed" if you get my drift. It was all things specially for him with a few fun dates thrown in there.

The next year, I was a teacher with no job and our budget was tight, so we changed from having a gift every day to doing activities with a few gifts thrown in.

This year, with a little boy who is aware of activities and fun, we are doing family fun activities, most of which are free! Living in a big city like San Diego, there are tons of things that are going on to choose from. Plus tons of things that you can do at home as a family. I seriously love this tradition and will continue it throughout our lives.

We don't do an activities every day of the month like some do because it's just too busy for that but when December 14th hits, things are starting to wind down for Max at the church. Most Christmas programs are under way and the craziness is letting up a little. It becomes a time to spend intentional fun time together and extend the feeling of Christmas.
In years past, the activities have been a secret to Maxwell but this year he helped me to plan them. I do have a little plan up my sleeves for him. Check out the idea here. But now that kids are involved, it will be a secret for them more then us and that is totally fine with us!

Here is our plan:

  • The 1st day of Christmas: Christmas in the Village
  • The 2nd day of Christmas: Grinch Day
  • The 3rd day of Christmas: Frosty Pizza and Movie plus the Patriot Game :)
  • The 4th day of Christmas: Ice Skating at Viejas
  • The 5th day of Christmas: Polar Express Night
  • The 6th day of Christmas: Christmas Light walk
  • The 7th day of Christmas: Garden of Lights date
  • The 8th day of Christmas: Snowman Day
  • The 9th day of Christmas: Rudolf Pancakes and Movie
  • The 10th day of Christmas: Christmas Adam box and Christmas with my dads side of the family. (My friends family calls the night before Christmas Eve Christmas Adam and I loved it so we stole the title)
  • The 11th day of Christmas: Christmas Eve Treat and Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family.
  • The 12th day of Christmas: CHRISTMAS!!! 

I will be posting pictures and details of each day as we go through the activities but for now it'll be a surprise. Maxwell doesn't know all the details yet :)

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